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Monday 18th March

Following on from a couple of emails I thought it useful to talk about conflict resolution today.

Monday 11th March

9 weeks into a new year and new years resolutions have probably fell apart.
If you need a reminder, then now's a good time!

Monday 4th March

I thought I'd follow on from Friday's episode just to ram the point home a bit more!
How To Get More Done

Episode 167: How To Get More Done

If you Google the words "how to be more productive" you get 187 million results. Interestingly that's the same number of results as "how to learn Romanian." And although everyone learns in different ways we all know the answer to both of those questions.
If you want to learn a new language, you need to read it, listen to it and absorb it until you understand it. And the key to that is simply to practise.
And the answer to how to get more things done is simply to "do more things."

But is everything really that easy?
Can it be so black and white?

Monday 25th February

Following up on a patron's question today, which was "Is it normal to talk to myself?"
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