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Monday 7th January

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African Violet Queen

Episode 109: The African Violet Queen Of Milwaukee

I want to do something different this month.
This month I'm going to tell you a story. It's a true story and is called the African Violet Queen Of Milwaukee.

It starts with a man named Milton Erickson.

Episode 108: Reframing

As winter gets closer and the warm summer that we had this year seems so long ago we have a choice; we can either recoil at the colder, damper weather or we can appreciate the leaves changing colour, the excitement of the build up to Christmas and the ability to see the sun rise without having to get up super early!

Episode 107: Spiders And Behaviourism

Over the last few weeks I've seen an increasing number of clients with a fear of spiders, it seems that a bit of warm weather is creating jumbo sized house spiders.

And with a reported half of all women, and 10 percent of all men having some degree of anxiety about them it is no surprise that people are picking up the phone to ask for help.

But how can can Arachnophobia be successfully treated?
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