15 Minutes To Happiness

Would you like to feel happier and more fulfilled...
...but struggle to find time in your life to focus on yourself?

What if, with only a few minutes each day, you could find the secret to happiness?
For decades, I have been helping people to be happy. Through my no. 1 hit podcast, and in practice as a registered psychotherapist, I specialises in offering effective solutions to real-life problems.

Now, in my first book, I share some short, simple exercises, of no longer than 15 minutes, to integrate into your day that are proven to help with happiness and wellbeing.

I cut through the myths and misconceptions created by self-help guides and look at the science behind what works and what doesn't when it comes to making ourselves happy. and improving our lives forever.

Find your happier self and be the best you can be!
  • I loved every word in this book by Richard Nicholls.
    In the midst of my currently chaotic and not-so-happy mindset, 15 Minutes to Happiness gave me a quarter-hour of calm and mindfulness - just as the podcasts do. Thank you for this book, Richard!
    Nicola Allen Amazon review

  • Love it! Lots of extra info.
    Thank you so much, it's going to be a great 2018 with your help!
    Giada Amazon review

  • Great, easy, motivating.
    Great book Richard, excellent accompaniment to your podcasts
    Fred G Amazon review

  • Must read for ways to improve day to day happiness. Written in a really interesting and engaging way. Loved it.
    Verified purchase Amazon review

  • Five stars!
    Interesting, factual, and a thought provoking positive read.
    Sonic Amazon review

  • Best ever.
    This is an informative, practical doable book. Excellent.
    Margaret Anne Palmer Amazon review

  • Perfect.
    I really enjoyed reading this. I've been listening to Richards podcast for a while now and was eager to buy this as soon as it came out.
    It was laugh out loud funny at times yet educational without being too preachy or jargon heavy.
    A great mix.
    Kerry Clarke Waterstones review

  • Having come across Richard on his Motivate Yourself podcast, I couldn't wait for his book to come out. I
    I really enjoyed the book and found it extremely useful. I am trying to put some of his ideas into practice. What I like about them is that his 'exercises' are all short and consumable, without taking up mass amounts of time. It also helped me to look at things from a different perspective. Highly recommended.
    Paul Goodreads review

  • What I enjoy about Richard Nicholls is the research he finds to back up his points. It makes the book a very interesting and thought provoking read. I also enjoy reading the science behind it and understanding the why.
    Tessa Holkham Goodreads review