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Anxiety Of The Unknown

Episode 176: The Meaning Of Life

Apart from 42, is there actually an answer to "What is the meaning of life?"
In attempting to answer that it often brings up further questions such as "What's my purpose?"
And it's worth separating purpose from meaning. After all, we can have a meaningful life without having any particular purpose can't we? Living a meaningful life can become the purpose.


Today is all about boundaries, why they're important, how to set them and how you know if someones crossed the line.


Revisiting a topic I've not spoken about for a long time I don't think.

Attachment And The Greater Good

Part 3 of my attachment theory series.
Today's episode helps explain why I think that understanding attachment insecurities is so important for not just our own mental health but for the greater good.

Attachment Styles

Part 2 of my introduction to attachment theory. Hopefully today will give you a little bit of insight into your own attachment style and believe me when I say you'll probably never look at your friends and family the same.
Anxiety Of The Unknown

Episode 175: Anxiety Of The Unknown

Over the last couple of years I've had a few messages from listeners about their fear of an uncertain future, and it's cropped up in the consulting room quite a lot too.
One thing that has been a big cause of it has been Brexit. Not knowing whether something about your future is going to be easier, more difficult, or exactly the same isn't helpful.
We like routines, our brain loves the idea that tomorrow is going to be the same as yesterday. If we're alive today then yesterday must have been safe and so our instincts want tomorrow to be the same. And life just isn't like that.

Origins Of Attachment Theory

Attachment theory is all about our instinctive need to feel secure through our attachments to things, and despite being a MASSIVE topic I thought I'd spend some time going through the basics with you. It's probably going to be quite a few episodes though I hardly scratched the surface with this one today and it's over 20 minutes long already. So I'll come back to it in next week I think too.

Ego States

Ego states are patterns of thinking, feeling and acting and is the core model of the therapy style of Transactional Analysis.
According to it's originator Eric Berne, people often interact with each other in terms of three psychological and behavioural patterns which are classified as parent, adult and child.
Today we'll learn a bit about it and see if we can identify which state we're in most of the time.

Do You Need To Make A Change?

What do we do if we know that something needs to change?
How do we make it feel like NOW is the right time?
All these questions and more on this weeks Patron Only Episode of...The Richard Nicholls Podcast!
It's The Thought That Counts

Episode 174: Suicide Prevention

Over three quarters of a million people each year take their own life. That's one every 40 seconds.
It's one of the biggest causes of death in people under 30 and by not talking about it people can't gain the knowledge needed to help prevent it. But it is preventable!


Do you know the difference between OCD & OCPD?
Give it 15 minutes and you will, because today is all about Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.
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